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Calcium Chloride 98%~99%

Calcium Chloride 98% (CaCl2) Mini Prill and Powder (CaCI2) is a basic salt with hygroscopic and is highly soluble in water.

  • Calcium Chloride 98 %(CaCl2) Mini Prill and Powder is used to adjust the activity of the water phase of invert emulsion oil base drilling fluids to maintain a balanced activity between the fluid and the formation.
  • In completion and work over fluids, it may be used by itself to achieve a maximum density of +/- 1435/kg/m3.
  • CalciumChloride98% (CaCl2) Mini Prill and Powder may be utilized as a soluble weighing agent to adjust the density or activity of fresh water, or as a salinity source in oil base muds.
  • Anhydrous CalciumChloride 98-99%(CaCl2) is a purified inorganic salt produced by removing water from a naturally occurring brine solution. Unlike other processes used to produce calcium chloride, the brine process does not involve reactions with chemicals such as hydrochloric acid or ammonia. The National Organic Standards Board noted this distinction when it classified the brine process as “non-synthetic.”
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Calcium Chloride 98% (CaCl2) Typical Properties:

TETRA 94™ calcium chloride (CaCl2) is a white, high purity pellet with 94 to 97 weight percent CaCl2.

  • Physical Appearance: White granola
  • Specific Gravity: 2.2
  • Bulk Density: 56 ln/ft3 (900kg/m3)

Calcium Chloride 99% (CaCl2) Packaging:

CaCl2 98% Mini granola and Powder is packaged in: 1- 25kg 2ply 2- 1MT Jumbo Bags Please check album.

Calcium Chloride 99% (CaCl2) use for

White granular anhydrous calcium chloride is manufactured with the raw materials of high quality calcium carbonate and pure hydrochloric acid and through several processes of synthesis, filtering, evaporation, concentration and drying. Calcium chloride main usages are as follow: – Oil and gas drilling agent – Road deicing agents – Road stabilization and dust control – Accelerators in concrete – Industrial processing – as additives in plastics, for calcium salt production, drainage aids for wastewater treatment, etc. – Other applications – tire ballast, hydrocarbon desiccant, refrigeration brine, food processing agent or coagulating agent and additive for foods and many other usages.


CACL2 Test Report-1

CACL2 Test Report-1