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Alcohol (simple structure: CH3CH2OH) is a kind of alcohol, is the main component of wine, it is also known as alcohol, in some places commonly known as the fire wine. The chemical formula can also be written as C2H5OH or EtOH, Et represents ethyl. Ethanol is a flammable, commonly used fuel, solvent and disinfectant and is also used to make other compounds. Industrial alcohol contains a small amount of methanol. Alcohol mainly refers to ethanol with a concentration of about 75%, and also includes other concentrations of alcohol widely used in medicine. Ethanol and methyl ether are isomers.

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Applications / Usages:

  1. Methanol is one of the basic organic raw materials used in the manufacture of various organic products such as methyl chloride, methylamine and dimethyl sulfate.
  2. Methanol is one of the raw materials for the synthesis of dimethyl terephthalate, methyl methacrylate and methyl acrylate.
  3. The main application of methanol is the production of formaldehyde, which can be used to produce adhesives.
  4. Another major use of methanol is in the production of acetic acid.
  5. Methylamine can also be made from methanol.
  6. It can be synthesized into dimethyl carbonate.
  7. Methanol is usually a better solvent than ethanol and can dissolve many inorganic salts. Gasoline can also be used as an alternative fuel.
  8. Methanol can be synthesized into glycol, is one of the petrochemical intermediate raw materials, can be used in the production of polyester and antifreeze.
    9. Methanol can be used in the manufacture of growth promoters which can make crop increase greatly, keep branch and leaf fresh and tender.
    10. Methanol protein can be synthesized from Methanol.
    11. Methanol is used as a cleaning oil remover
    12. Methanol also used as analytical reagents, such as solvents, methylation reagents, chromatographic reagents. Also used in organic synthesis.
    13. Methanol is the performance of good energy and vehicle fuel.
  9. Methanol can be used to produce dimethyl ether.
  10. Methanol can be used to make methyl formate.


18.5Tons/ISO TANK

160KG/DRUM, 80DRUMS, 12..8Tons/20’FCL;

160KG/DRUM,152DRUMS, 24.32Tons/40’FCL;

Shipping: within 12 days after receiving T/T payment

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