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Oil Well Cement Class G



  • Class G Oil Well Cement, as one of basic oil well cements, is one of special hydraulic binding materials. Its main content is clinker of portland cement. It is also named Block Cement or Blockage Cement.
  • Class G Oil Well Cement is especially used in the cementing engineering of oil well or gas well.
  • Class: G
  • Type: Moderate Sulfate Resistance (MSR), High Sulfate Resistance (HSR)
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 Ideal density and setting time :

  • Lower Consistency
  • Good resistance to sedimentation as pre-mixing concrete of Class G cement
  • Good pumpability as pre-mixing concrete of Class G cement
  • As pre-mixing concrete of Class G cement, when injecting the concrete to the related position of oil well with target temperature and pressure, it can be rapid set and harden and is easy to make mechanical strength.
  • Good impermeability, stability and corrosion resistance when its concretes are solidified.
  • When Class G Cement is used together with accelerator for setting or set-retarding admixture,

It can be suitable for the larger range of well depth and the bigger range of temperature.

Physical Analysis

Mixing Water (mass fraction of cement):  44%

Free Fluid Content: 5.9% Max

Compressive Strength (8hours at temp. 38C, Atm. pressure): 2.1MPa(or 300PSI) Min;

Compressive Strength (8hours at temp. 60C, Atm. pressure.): 10.3MPa(or 1500PSI) Min;

Consistency (15-30minutes stirring period): 30Bc Max;

Thickening Time: 90 minutes Min, 120 minutes Max

API Class G (HSR) cement


·       Thickening Times controllable with additives to enable placement to 550º F (287º C).

·       Excellent Retarder Response for higher economic benefit in mix design.

·       Low Free Fluids for cement integrity and durability.

·       High Sulfate Resistance for high durability under harsh conditions.

·       Non-Setting for uniformity in the column.

·       Consistent Quality for slurry design portability.

Storage, Transportation and Packing

 Storage: to be stored in dry cool storage and not mix foreign body

  • Storage: to be stored in dry cool storage and not mix foreign body
  • Transportation: as per the common goods; classification for conveyance – not to be required; not to allow the packages to be fallen down or damaged
  • Packing: composite 50kgs bag, and / or 1MT, 1.5MT or 2MT jumbo bag


oil well cement-1

oil well cement-1