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Caustic soda flakes 98%~99%

Caustic soda flakes (sodium hydroxide flakes) are prepared by liquid caustic soda which is produced by membrane cell technology. Therefore, this product has the best quality and is without heavy metal impurities. Caustic soda flakes are highly hygroscopic and soluble in water and are used in a lot of different industries .The purity of this product is min %99. Which is packed with 25kg thick PP/PE bags

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We have two kind of packing:

First packing is 25kg PP/PE bags in Jumbo Bag (per jumbo bag is weight is 1.250MT). The next packing form is: 25kg PP/PE shrinking on pallet.

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Caustic soda flakes use for:

Caustic soda, or sodium hydroxide, mostly used by industry and chemical manufacturing companies. Some fields caustic soda use for :

  • Refineries Alumina
  • plastic wrap
  • Soaps and cleaners
  • Detergent
  • Textile processing
  • Oil refining
  •  Water treatment
  • Metal processing


Sodium hydroxide ( NaOH), purity / mass: Min. 99.50
Chlorides / NaCl, purity / mass: Max. 0.10
Sodium carbonate / Na2CO3, purity / mass, Max. 0.40


Caustic soda solution handbook