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Definition – What does Oilwell Cement mean?

Oilwell Cement is designed for cementing offshore and onshore wells under high pressure and temperature. Its main components are pozzolanic or portland cement along with organic retarders. It prevents the cement from setting too quickly. It is made under strict quality adherence systems thus it remains on the top list of Organic waste converter (OWC) manufacturing organizations. It is divided into three main categories Grade 0, HSR (high sulfate resistant) and MSR (moderate sulfate resistant). Depending on the depth, temperature, pressure and environment, it can used as an appropriate grade as per needs of the bore.

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Petropedia explains Oilwell Cement

Oilwell Cement is intended for use in the oil and gas industry and its main function is to make wells function properly. It plays a significant role in improving productivity and efficiency of the drilling operations. The various reasons for using cement between the casing and the wellbore include:

  • It creates isolation between the zones.
  • It offers structural support to the well.
  • It protects the well from corrosion.
  • It acts as a hydraulic seal.

Furthermore, there are many ISO specified instruments that can help in testing the key performance of the cement, for example, consistometer, gel strength, comprehensive strength, etc.

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