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To permit and safely and responsibly build and operate a mining enterprise that produces essential metals for the global community, sustains and improves our way of life, protects our natural surroundings and returns value to those who have a stake in us.

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What we do and how we do it matters. As we mine and process the minerals that make our world better, our work is guided by these core values, all of which carry equal weight:

Health & Safety.  We foster a healthy and safe work environment.

  • We are properly trained and equipped to do our work injury-free.
  • We constantly look out for one another.
  • Systems, practices and policies that promote our safety and health are important, but attitude and behavior matter the most.

Environment. We are respectful and protective of our natural surroundings.

  • We acknowledge the trust others place in us to protect and use resources wisely.
  • We rely on scientific principles, valid data, the best knowledge and sound systems, processes and practices to inform our decisions and meet our environmental obligations.
  • We care about the environment; after all, we live here, too.

People. We attract and develop great talent and together, with purpose, achieve exceptional outcomes.

  • We treat people with fairness, dignity and respect.
  • We trust our employees to make good choices and challenge ourselves to greater individual responsibility.
  • We approach our work responsibilities with purpose and determination, our tasks with a sense of pride and ownership, and our achievements and shortcomings with humility.

Integrity. We are honest in everything we do

  • We maintain the highest degree of ethical behavior and the appropriate level of openness – sharing what’s needed but protecting what’s proprietary.
  • Our integrity is reflected in the way we treat each other, in our contracts and agreements, our environmental audits and reports and our financial statements.
  • We conduct our business by the highest standards and believe in doing business with only those people and companies who share our core values.

Quality & Innovation.

Whenever possible, we go beyond what’s merely expected of us to achieve something better.

  • Our products meet or exceed our customers’ standards of quality.
  • We are problem solvers: building on the practices of the past, anticipating and embracing the challenges of the future and applying existing technologies in new ways to get the most out of our resources.
  • We show keen attention to detail and go the extra mile in service to those with whom we do business.

Community.  We make communities better.

  • Through active and sustained involvement with our neighbors – generously sharing our resources and human talent – we grow alongside our communities.
  • The power of our community relationships is manifest in mutually beneficial gains.
  • Employees take a personal interest in their communities and actively participate in activities and initiatives that promote community growth and well-being.

Shareholders. Our shareholders are the foundation of our financial stability and strength.

  • Those who entrust their investment to us are entitled to our best effort and utmost discipline as we manage their company.
  • We actively seek opportunities in every aspect of our work to improve and enhance shareholder return and value.

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