Project Description


Chemical Treatment for Various Kinds of Hydrocarbon Processing

 Process Treatment

Oil refineries and petrochemical plants have special needs in customized treatment programs. The objectives are to improve efficiencies in every link of the production process, at the same time assure final product quality. The prices of product quality failure, throughput reduction or plant shut down are high and are not acceptable to the plants. However, even with the best operated plant, they still encounter potential problems such as shorter equipment life span, higher energy cost, more pumping energy, longer down time, increased maintenance cost, not meeting environmental and production specifications. Therefore there are needs to stop corrosion, reduce fouling, save energy, minimize down time and assure final product quality. Our company has a wide range of products that can be used in scaling and corrosion control, resolve emulsion problem, control foam generation, passivate metal surfaces and treat final fuel with additives. These can be applied to improve the oil refining and petrochemical process efficiencies.

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Chemical Treatment for Ethylene Plant:

– Antifoulant for oil quench tower

– Emulsion breaker for water quench tower

– Corrosion inhibitor for process water stripper

– Antifoulant for process water stripper

– Corrosion inhibitor for dilution steam generator

– Antifoulant for dilution steam generator

– Antifoulant for process gas compressor

– Antipolymerant for caustic wash tower

– Free radical anti-polymerization for amine system

– Antifoulant for fractionation towers

– Gasoline stabilizer

Styrene Monomer Process Additive Treatment Programs:

 Antifoulant & Anti-polymerization

Acrylonitrile Process Additive Treatment Program:

 Corrosion inhibitor

– Antifoulant

– Antifoam

  Butadiene Process Additive Treatment Program:

 Water based oxygen scavenger – Iron passivator/ Nitrite based compound

– Carbonyl scavenger

PVC Process Additive Treatment Program:

 Water Based Neutralizing Amine

– Water Based Corrosion Inhibitor (or Filmer)

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